Good Choice Restaurant

Established in 1990, Good Choice Restaurant is the neighborhood’s favorite Cantonese-style dining and Dim Sum restaurant. With its welcoming and friendly environment, attentive service, and delectable cuisine, the restaurant has become an established choice for casual family dining and lunch get togethers. We strive only to make the best tasting fresh yet affordable cuisine for our customers, and so our chefs start every morning preparing the day’s dim sum and dishes.

Frozen Dim sum

Good Choice now offers Dim Sum expertly prepared at our restaurants for you to enjoy comfortably at home. All dim sum dishes come with easy instructions on how to prepare for a delicious meal without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

Order Frozen Dim Sum

Dim Sum Cooking Instructions

Popular Dishes

Here is some of the great food you can expect from us.

Beef and Vegetables
Deep Fried Shrimp
Peking Duck
Hot Pot
Meat Cake
Steamed Beefball
Chinese Sausage Bun
Spring Roll
Sui Long Bao
Beef Tripe
Custard Bun
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Shrimp Chive Dumpling
Shrimp Dumpling
Chicken Feet
Shrimp Scallop Dumpling
Sui Mai

What People Are Saying

We have lived in the neighbourhood for almost 5 years but have never tried Good Choice. I am not sure why. The other day driving by we noticed their sign saying open for take out during COVID -19. A lot of the restaurants in the neighbourhood have closed so we decided to give them a try and support a local business. I'm glad we did. The food was delicious, and tasted like home cooking. The deep fried tofu was great as was the garlic gai lan. We will definitely order her again. Our portions were very large and I think there is an option to order small medium or dim sum size so just keep that in mind.

Carol A.